Adam ConnorVP Organizational Design & Training
Adam Connor
Adam Connor VP Organizational Design & Training

Winner of the prestigious “Longest Commute to Mad*Pow” award, Adam is also known for crafting efficient, effective and easy-to-use designs for websites, applications and interactive media. And he has a thing for Legos!

Take a background in Computer Science, Film and Visual Design. Add 10 years of Experience Design. If you’re lucky, you’ll get the unique design perspective that Adam brings to many of Mad*Pow’s digital product design and strategy projects.

Adam never gets tired of explaining why collaboration and critique are critical elements of the design process and he frequently speaks to audiences about those topics.

When not commuting or tricking out his home office, Adam enjoys spending time with his family, working as an independent illustrator and artist, collecting toys, and building with the aforementioned Legos.

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