Performing a Journey Mapping Workshop

Journey maps are a powerful tool for isolating and tackling customer engagement challenges. Useful in examining the broad customer experience and smaller, more specific interactions, journey maps allow you to walk a mile in your customer’s shoes or “blue sky” their entire excursion.

Workshop Takeaways
Following the workshop, participants are able to:

  • Look at an experience through a customer’s environment, emotional needs, and objectives
  • Conduct a journey workshop in-house and socialize deliverables with key stakeholders
  • Establish a strong foundation and clear vision for prototyping and crafting an experience strategy
  • Maintain and update journey maps

Workshop Format

This hands-on workshop starts with an introduction to journey maps, including the range of approaches available. Next, participants dive into the challenges facing the customers and use a variety of exercises from channel brainstorming to empathy mapping to create the future journey. The workshop wraps up by discussing effective methods for socializing the journey maps and keeping them alive in an organization. To support skill development and retention, participants leave with packets containing personas and other research findings as well as detailed instructions for facilitating the activities practiced during the workshop.


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Performing a Journey Mapping Workshop


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