Project to Improve Patient Experience for Children and Their Families is Recognized for Excellence in the Empathy Category

BOSTON, MA – May 7, 2019 Mad*Pow, a purpose-driven organization that strives to work on projects that promote health, financial wellbeing, and social impact, today announced that it won the 2019 Design & Innovation Award for Empathy in recognition of its work on behalf of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital (CCHMC). Mad*Pow was one of six finalists in the Empathy category, and was crowned the winner at the Design Thinking Conference on April 17, 2019.

The awards are presented by The Customer Management Practice, recognizing excellence in Design Transformation, Empathy, and ROI of Human-Centered Design. Mad*Pow was recognized for its work with CCHMC to ensure patient experience remains a core focus of the institution, resulting in an effort to build empathy with patients and gain a nuanced, in-depth understanding of what children and families go through as they cope with acute or chronic conditions. The award committee acknowledged Mad*Pow’s detailed approach of identifying pain points of the patient experience and outlining changes to improve hospital processes as well as the physical space and how patients interact with the institution. 

“Mad*Pow is thrilled to be recognized for our great work on behalf of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. The research, strategy, design and development we do is focused on delivering measurable results, helping clients design and deliver engaging, intuitive, and meaningful experiences,” said Amy Heymans (Cueva), Mad*Pow Founder and Chief Experience Officer. “We are proud to help establish a better patient experience for children and families coping with chronic and acute medical conditions, and for helping CCHMC create better alignment between business objectives and patient and family needs.”

Using a multi-pronged approach, Mad*Pow studied the patient experience at CCHMC from every angle, incorporating the viewpoints of all stakeholders involved. Mad*Pow’s research led to an organizational and cultural shift. This shift included an increased awareness that interaction between staff, nurses, physicians and patients needed to go beyond clinical formalities and invoke a sense of positiveness, joy and exploration - three childhood rights that every experience needs to celebrate. Specific design solutions reflecting these “experience rights” were implemented as part of departmental procedure and hospital policy. At a larger scale, these learnings were incorporated into a massive redesign and development project of a new hospital tower, nearly doubling the footprint of CCHMC’s main campus.

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Patient Experience Journey Map
Patient Experience Journey Map

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