Abigail Young

Abigail B. Young

Business Development Director

Abigail has driven significant revenue growth for private and nonprofit organizations through a background spanning sales, marketing, and business development. She certainly has an exceptional knack for capitalizing on unique opportunities that expand an organization's reach.

Through her development work in the arts & culture space, Abigail has secured the future health and sustainability of the organizations she works with by creating and implementing long-term strategies and forming solid relationships with her clients. As an enthusiastic champion of a company's mission and values, she is passionate about positively impacting the world through her client work.

Abigail is a mother of two kiddos, she volunteers at a local food pantry, and she loves to travel and explore the side streets, taking in the arts and live music. Her favorite place to visit is NYC, a city that inspires her and her love of fashion! She also spends quite a lot of time in London, where her family lives – in fact, she has three citizenships (USA, UK, and Israel).

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