Alex Howley

Alex Howley

Senior Director, Business Development

Alex is a self-described “connector.” Her ability to connect people and businesses and her experience in marketing and program management serve her well as a business development director at Mad*Pow.

Working in both the technology and non-profit sectors taught Alex to approach projects and obstacles with innovative thinking. Now, Alex is excited that she gets to help organizations explore how design innovation can help them increase their impact. 

Alex wants her work to have a positive impact on people’s lives. Before joining Mad*Pow, she worked at a national women’s organization where she helped build partnerships with cities and states across the U.S. to scale their national economic security programs and close the gender pay gap.  Through those programs, Alex led workshops for over 4,000 womxn where they learned to negotiate their salaries and advocate for themselves in the workplace.

Alex loves fashion and spends her free time discovering new designers and dabbling in styling and upcycled fashion. She also loves basketball – the sport and players, and the intersection between basketball and fashion.

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