Amy Bucher

Amy Bucher

VP, Behavior Change Design

Mad*Pow’s VP of Behavior Change Design, Amy has always been fascinated with how things (and especially people) work. Her interest drove her choice to become a psychologist and why she came to apply psychology to behavior change design.

Before coming to Mad*Pow, Amy worked at CVS Health, Johnson & Johnson Health and Wellness Solutions (formerly Wellness & Prevention, formerly HealthMedia), and Big Communications. Amy has her Ph.D. and M.A from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and her A.B. from Harvard University.

Amy believes behavior change needs to be a part of the entire design process, not just an input (user research) or an output (outcomes research). She sees amazing opportunity to leverage technology and design to help people shape their own worlds so they can be their happiest and healthiest. Any project that lets her live in the moment where user insights and the design of a product or intervention meet makes her very happy.

When she’s not designing motivating interventions to help people live healthier and happier lives, she’s knocking 150 books off her reading list per year, training for her next race, and working on seeing the world one trip at a time.

Hear more from Dr. Amy Bucher regarding the Psychology of Engagement.

Abstract: Digital health has so much promise for scalable, affordable, and personalized interventions that improve people’s lives. But so far, digital health designers have struggled with getting people to use-and keep using-the interventions they build. What’s missing? The marriage of behavior change science and the design process. In this presentation, we’ll talk about how to make a digital health experience “sticky” by infusing it with support for people’s basic psychological needs. Research on motivation can guide the design of effective and engaging interventions that finally live up to the promise of digital health.

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