Angie Greenwood

Angie Greenwood

Executive & Business Development Admin

Whether she’s coordinating half a dozen schedules, helping multitaskers multitask or simply making sure the impossible gets done, Angie’s on it—with a dedication, compassion, and people-first attitude that will forever win you over.

Angie knows mission-critical. In a past life, she worked for a medical device manufacturer, deciphering engineer-speak as she helped products move through production and into QA testing. And she knows what working hard is all about (her first job was mucking stalls on a horse farm). But, as a life-long vegetarian, Angie’s work has always veered towards wellness and health, first as a wellness advisor then later when she started an elder care business, Kindred Companionships, to provide 24-hour assisted care for people with dementia and schizophrenia.

When she’s not busy juggling chainsaws or talking us off the ledge with a calming word (just say her favorite one, “Woosahh” out loud a few times, and see for yourself), you’ll find Angie trekking along the Seacoast or enjoying a well-deserved break on the beach—and, knowing Angie, probably smiling the entire time.

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