Barbara Cahill

Barbara Cahill

Senior Project Manager

Barbara says her love for design began when she was a child. Her father was an architect who introduced her to the beauty of design and the joy of discovering how things worked. She and her dad would often sit and talk about redesigning things. That early influence set her on her life’s path.

Barbara has experience working on a vast array of projects in different industries, such as the Denver Aquarium, Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge, Holocaust Museum-Daniel’s Story Exhibit, Robert Wilson’s Vision Exhibition, and Voit Sporting Goods. She says that working on these different kinds of projects has given her problem-solving skills that allow her to visualize and find solutions that others don’t always consider. For Barbara, thinking about design and problem-solving has become her way of life.

Her strong project management skills, leadership abilities, innovative client collaboration, and design strategy capabilities make her a great addition to Mad*Pow.

Barbara describes herself as curious, genuine, and grounded. When she’s not working, Barbara likes to spend her time cooking, reading, gardening, playing Nintendo, designing houses, watching Premier League soccer, traveling, and hanging out with her friends and family.

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