Callie Page

Callie Page

Experience Designer

We love welcoming our contractors onto the full-time team! After contracting for some time, we hired Callie as a Junior Experience Designer due to her impressive UX, UI, and research work. Callie is interested in producing designs that are earth-centered rather than exclusively human-centered.

Callie majored in Biology at Dartmouth College because of her love of nature. While she was fascinated by the interconnections of ecosystems, she ultimately wanted more creativity in her career. She is drawn to design because it combines analytical scientific thinking (research, prototyping, hypothesis testing, etc.) with the hands-on creativity she always loved about studio art.

She has won various awards for her drawing, illustration, and digital art. Callie enjoys learning and trying multiple art forms – she is currently focused on printmaking. When she’s not in the art studio, she is outdoors or taking care of her unique pets – opae ula shrimp!

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