Carly Riling

Carly Riling

Senior Project Manager

Carly’s diverse background includes project management work in TV/film production, interactive/software, design, technology, and product development. Her thoughtful management of large-scale creative projects – from Hasbro to Blue Cross Blue Shield – has strengthened her ability to keep a wide range of clients and stakeholders informed and happy.

She was always interested in (and watched a lot of) TV, so Carly attended Emerson College for a degree in TV/Video. For Carly, being a producer was the closest thing she could come to the creation of art. As a project manager, she views it as the closest she can get to being a designer. Her favorite part of the job is working on an integrated team where she can keep everyone on task while having a good time – always leading meetings/stand-ups/sprints with positive energy and a smile.

Carly loves to hang out with her kids (Alfie and Sybil) and cats, grow dahlias in her garden, and watch a lot of TV & movies – but she is always adamant about reading the book before the movie/tv show comes out!  

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