Chōkdee Rutirasiri 

Chōkdee Rutirasiri

VP, Experience Strategy & Research

As a designer, technologist, and educator with 25+ years of experience, Chōkdee utilizes a human-centered approach, design thinking framework, and digital technologies to transform companies. His career encompasses social justice, equity, and inclusion at its core - designing systems and solutions led with empathy, and that are holistic, intentional, inclusive, equitable, scalable, and sustainable. He believes that design has the power to shift the landscape on addressing social inequities and racial justice across organizations and their products, services, systems, platforms, policies, and practices.

Prior to joining Mad*Pow, Chōkdee founded and led the award-winning team at Story+Structure, a human-centered design firm based in Boston, for 13 years. In an interview with Forbes in 2014, Chōkdee outlined the Buddhist teachings that guide him not only in his spiritual life but in his professional life as well. He believes three of the eight tenets (Right Intention, Right Action, and Right Mindfulness) can help us face the challenges and choices we encounter in the corporate world and provide valuable tools to help us navigate the path to business enlightenment.

Chōkdee teaches design thinking at Boston College. You can also find him playing guitar, keys, and glockenspiel in his band Paper Summer, riding his Harley, taking long meditative walks at a nearby cranberry bog, or spending time with his pet rabbits. 

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