Christina Lepre

Christina Lepre

Senior Project Manager

Christina wanted to work in publishing early in her career, starting on a rather unconventional path - math textbook publishing at Pearson. Eventually, she fell upon project management and determined that managing budgets and schedules, digging into the details, and helping people solve problems was where she wanted to focus.

A Rhode Island native, Christina has lived in Boston since she graduated from Northeastern with a degree in Communications Studies. She is excited to put the project management and leadership abilities she has developed over her long career in the education services space to work at Mad*Pow. Christina is organized and disciplined in both her work and personal life. She even paid off all her student loans before turning 30 through a combination of thoughtful budgeting and part-time work as an innkeeper!

Christina loves to read everything from highbrow literary fiction to romance, deeply reported nonfiction books to gritty true crime stories. She is passionate about many social and political causes. She especially enjoys working with organizations that lift women and girls spending many years as a kitchen volunteer at Rosie’s Place and being a Big Sister mentor to a girl in her community for the past seven years.

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