David Franke

David Franke

VP, Client Experience & Strategy

Winner of the 2017 CX Innovation Award for his work to co-create the medical imaging clinic of the future, David has 20 years of experience helping many of the world’s most reputable companies work through their “knottiest” brand and business problems – from facilitating agile transformations to integrating customer and market insights into strategic planning and pipeline development to cultivating the leadership capacities and skills to survive and thrive in an era of increasing uncertainty and unprecedented change.

David has worked with many of the world's most beloved, disruptive and significant brands, including Citi, Coke, Converse, Fidelity, JetBlue, Mayo Clinic, Merck and more. He's been on the launch team of three startup companies – one which fizzled, one which flopped, and one which flew and grew beyond his wildest expectations. He serves on the board of a select few early-stage startups and cultural organizations and, when things get really tense, will remind everyone that he is a certified Thai masseuse and that we should all just sit back, breathe mindfully and “jai yen-yen” (cool our hearts).

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