Fred Antoine

Fred Antoine

Director, Business Development

Fred considers himself a consultant, technology leader, and digital strategist, specializing in helping clients achieve growth through digital transformation. He enjoys meeting with new clients who are excited and inspired to create change, helping them along their transformation and bringing their ideas to life. He gets most excited when prospective clients are encouraged to effect and create real-world positive outcomes for themselves and their customers.

As a business developer, he’s passionate about being at the forefront of innovation, developing relationships with change makers, and making connections that help shape the future. Moving a client to that ah-ha moment after connecting them with the proper subject matter experts is the part of the process he enjoys the most.

He loves to cook, and if Fred had a magic wand, he’d seriously redesign the microwave, which is ancient technology nowadays. Fred also loves going on road trips and learning more about what’s under the hood of his car.

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