Gina Nwose

Gina Nwose

Senior Behavior Change Designer

Gina began her professional career as a chemical engineer. As she traveled the world working on risk-assessment projects for oil and gas facilities, she found herself fascinated by people’s motivations and intentions and their impact on behavior. Her passion to learn more about human behavior led her to a major career pivot, going back to school for a master’s degree in applied behavioral science at the University of Bath in the U.K. 

For Gina, her new career is the perfect combination of her analytical engineering skills and her knowledge of human behavior. Now, she designs products and processes that improve the quality of people’s lives by providing the tools they need to make better choices. She also excels at developing solutions that are beneficial for organizations and the people connected to them.

When she’s not at work, Gina enjoys watching foreign films with her family and playing card games. She loves to try new things, so she takes random classes – woodworking, watercolor 101, and aerial hoop. She also loves bringing her friends along on her adventures! 

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