Greg Hamilton

Greg Hamilton

Managing Director, Experience Research

How appropriate that Greg is one of Mad*Pow’s Experience Researchers. He has been as keen on experiencing new things in life as he is in making sure interactive design is as user-friendly as he is. Plus, he’s one of those great people who got involved in technology by accident. He says he was the young guy with glasses, so he became the de facto webmaster/enterprise tech manager at a nonprofit arts organization. Imagine that experience!

As his skills were honed (i.e. force fed) he discovered the power of user testing by enlisting Steve Krug’s book Rocket Surgery Made Easy as a guide to creating his own user tests while working at the Danforth Art Museum. He’s also used his innate curiosity, enthusiasm, and creativity at Radius Innovation, Bentley University, and the Creative Alliance. He earned a psychology degree at Bard College, and a master’s in Human Factors in Information Design at Bentley.

Like most experience researchers, Greg has been part of some marvelous simulations. Like the usability test for a biopsy procedure. Watching the intent physician fully concentrate as she attended the patient – which was actually a family-size package of bologna!

When not fully engaged with client matters, Greg can either be found at the massive studio he shares with four other painters, or practicing the trumpet he wielded during four years with Baltimore’s favorite funk-soul orchestra, the 12-piece Bellevederes.

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