Guy Felder

Guy Felder

Director, Experience Strategy and Program Management

Guy’s expertise includes planning and operationalizing initiatives from small projects to enterprise-level deployments. He is instrumental in integrating technology and creating buy-in and cohesion amongst all institutional stakeholders.

Guy has spent years working to increase access to underserved populations within higher education. Guy’s interest in design originates from a passion for equitable access. Whether it be to opportunities, justice, career potential, and more – he yearns to design a world where there are pathways for everyone who wishes to go on the journey. He has written articles on timely issues related to higher education, worked with leading public and private schools, and presented at conferences and with journalists on matters relevant to the role of technology and changing consumer behaviors related to higher education.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Guy is an avid gamer, and the social connections he has made online sustained him through the pandemic. He is also a pianist (jazz and gospel), opera enthusiast, and the producer of a podcast that explores the musical genre, “schmaltz.”

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