Jesse Flores

Jesse Flores

Senior Experience Strategist

Jesse Flores is a self-described comprehensivist -- someone who thrives when working on project-based work. To Jesse, design offers the tools and approaches to remake the world in ways that better serve everyone, rather than the few. Accordingly, he’s passionate about getting good design in the hands of people who need it the most. Working for Mad*Pow is a perfect fit, because this is something Mad*Pow is passionate about too.

He is analytical and tenacious, creative and curious, with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and understanding to solve problems. Jesse’s favorite moment in design is when discovery happens in the synthesis/sense-making process. At that point in the process, completely new and interesting opportunities emerge that couldn’t have been predicted at the outset of the project. He knows that asking great questions and finding patterns are critical to this stage in the design process.

When he’s not at work, Jesse loves to play golf – an obsession he picked up as a pandemic hobby. Good luck on the course, Jesse, and hit ‘em straight!

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