Katie Oeschger

Katie Oeschger

Principal, Research & Behavior Change

Katie is a curious, forward-thinking behavior scientist/designer driven to deeply understand user behaviors and motivations to solve tomorrow's biggest challenges. She enjoys digging deep to determine the underlying causes of thorny problems and challenges. Katie has an open mind to pivot where the data leads - beginning with asking the right questions, carefully listening, and observing.

She developed her strong and rigorous research skills and understanding of human behavior, from working in esteemed faculty-led psychology labs and earning a MS and certification in Behavior Analysis. She has successfully applied these same principles to the psychology of technology. Katie eagerly stays updated with the latest research and best practices, quickly learns new tools and skills, and adeptly applies them.

When not immersed in research projects, Katie can be found playing Scrabble, reading a good book, serving on the executive board for Michigan UXPA, volunteering at Potter Park Zoo, or behind a camera. She lives in Michigan with her husband and their Siberian husky and blue-gray Persian cat.

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