Matt Alexander

Matt Alexander

Director of Finance

Matt has over a decade of experience working on complex accounting teams. He’s done everything from financial reporting and analysis to system implementation, and he brings a diverse and valuable asset to the creative Mad*Pow team – his left brain!

Excel is Matt’s design tool – he loves organizing and manipulating data within excel to simplify reporting and create process improvements. In an industry that theoretically should be very black and white, Matt lives in the grey area where his judgment and decision-making skills come to life. He has been instrumental in keeping books accurate at companies like WEX Inc. and Fairchild Semiconductor, with an acute sense of detail throughout his career. This micro attention to detail is balanced by his unique ability to launch company-wide automated billing and reconciliation processes through interdepartmental teamwork.

Matt is a born and raised Mainer who enjoys camping, hiking (he and his wife are attempting to hike all of the White Mountain Four Thousand Footers!) Both of Matt’s kids, Chase and Nora, have their own athletic ambitions as well, so he spends a lot of time shuttling them around to tournaments and practices. Ask him about his obsession with curling (or anything sports-related) or if he’s a better ice skater or tuber at their camp in Milton, NH.

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