Nedret Sahin

Nedret Sahin

Senior Experience Strategist

For Nedret, humans are the best part of human-centered design. Her fascination with people and their behavior led her to experience design and strategy, a perfect fit for her endless curiosity and desire to learn.

Nedret comes to Mad*Pow with a B.S. in Marketing, Information Design and Corporate Communication & Psychology from Bentley University. That may sound like a mouthful, but for her, it’s all about understanding people and how they interact with the world. While getting her degree, she took an internship back home in Istanbul, Turkey that started her search for tougher challenges and passionate team members. Now she calls Boston home, where she’s discovered her love for working with mission-driven organizations through projects with Harvard Library, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and others. Since moving to the States, she’s worked on projects for both city and state government, higher education, associations, foundations, financial services and healthcare.

Nedret throws her energy fully behind everything she does, but that doesn’t stop her from completely unplugging sometimes. Her description of a perfect day off leaves us feeling refreshed: no alarm clock, nowhere to be, and the smells of sea salt, sunscreen, and cocoa butter.

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