Rachael Acker

Rachael Acker

VP, Experience Strategy & Research

Rachael has cultivated an extensive career in human-centered digital transformation and UX research, spending her professional and personal life studying patterns and envisioning solutions to complex challenges. She is inspired by how technology connects people and is passionate about designing digital experiences that make people feel good, focusing on the human impact of and on technology.

Working across industries and gaining valuable knowledge from top universities such as BU, Tufts, and Stanford, Rachael is passionate about her pursuit to create a future she wants rather than predicting it. She applies creativity and behavioral science to preventive health, designing experiences that impact people in transformative ways and coaching people to become their best selves. By implementing integrative health in her design practice, she aims to redesign and reframe healthcare.

Her approach to wellness extends to her personal life, where she enjoys integrative health practices like sound meditation and forest bathing, nourishing herself with fresh foods from the farmers market, and hosting friends for homemade Southeast Asian curry dinners.

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