New Ocean Health Solutions Sees 96% Approval on Health Risk Assessment UX Design

Mad*Pow partnered with New Ocean Health Solutions to develop a new Private Health Assessment (PHA), as well as a groundbreaking short-form version, the Minute Health Assessment (MHA).

The new PHA and MHA offer tailored guidance, as well as motivational support for members. In this way, both health assessments close important population health risk gaps.

  • More than 25,200 Independence Blue Cross members have completed this new PHA
  • This new PHA has received certification from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)

  • Of those surveyed, 96% provided a positive view of the value and overall experience of the new health risk assessment


The Process: Evidence-Based UX Design

Our UX design process began with three months of creative exploration. We designed concepts, explored new themes, and challenged assumptions. With new ideas in mind, we were ready to create a never-before-seen PHA experience.

Next, we collaborated with Pro-Change Behavior Systems. Together, we designed a user-centric, evidence-based health risk assessment to assess three key elements:

  1. individuals’ risk of negative health outcomes,
  2. readiness to change health behaviors, and
  3. their confidence to do so.

Our behavior change model drew from both Self-Determination Theory and the Transtheoretical Model. Both these frameworks consider tailored experiences, and encouraged us to consider individual risk level, quality of motivation, and stages of change.

Illustration of stressed out people
Fig 1: 77% of people regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress


Health assessment content flow and question set
Fig 2: health assessment content flow and question set


Concept sketches from design collaborations
Fig 3: concept sketches from design collaborations

The Results: Groundbreaking Health Risk Assessment UX Design

This in-depth and user-centered process provided New Ocean Health Solutions with mobile-optimized and motivational health risk assessments. These instruments deliver an engaging, personalized, and NCQA-certified assessment.

New Ocean Health Solutions rolled out the new PHA in 2018. It was quickly recognized as mobile-first, personalized, and engaging. In August 2018, the PHA received certification from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).

Mad*Pow is pleased to be a partner for health plans and employers better managing population health.

Assessment & Intervention Ontology
Fig 4: assessment and intervention ontology


health assessment mobile screens
Fig 5: health assessment mobile screens

Key Mad*Pow Services

  • Behavior Change: The Mad*Pow team took PHA beyond typical biomarkers of physical health and lifestyle behaviors. We built a PHA that explores mental health, positive functioning, social support, and financial health. All questions in the PHA are scientifically-governed, and were developed hand-in-hand with behavior change designers.
  • Content Strategy: Mad*Pow's health writers wrote with accessibility and plain language in mind as they crafted more than 300 customized pieces of feedback. The team also sparked member curiosity with teaser questions, health facts, tips, and myth-busters.

"First health assessment in over 30 years in the industry that felt as if it was for me and not my employer."

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