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Let’s Get Meta: Applying Service Design To Improve Employee Experience… and Everyone Else’s Too
December 14, 2020
Online, 12pm ET

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Love it or hate it, people spend most of their lives working. Those working hours include behaviors, tasks, and, interactions that all add up to… experiences… and how well the employee experience is designed can have far reaching impacts on the delivery of products and services to customers. As the world embraces human centered design and focuses more and more on the importance of thoughtfully designed customer experiences, we must not lose sight of the other humans in our experience ecosystem, (not just the ones paying for a product or service). Employee experience is more than just physical environments and HR benefits – it’s about understanding the unique needs of people who mediate the experiences of others, whether through direct interaction with customers or behind the scenes roles with downstream effects. Thankfully, the very tools that help us design and deliver exceptional experiences for customers also help us understand and support the employees within an organization.

Join this webinar to learn more about service design, and how grounding your customer engagement strategies in service design methods can provide uniquely powerful aids to improve employee experience– retaining talent, scaling operational efficiencies, and ultimately empowering your employees to deliver better customer experiences in turn.

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Jen Briselli
Job Title
SVP, Experience Strategy & Service Design