3 Ways to Improve Your Healthcare Omnichannel Strategy


There’s a lot of buzz around the idea of omnichannel strategies. But omnichannel is more than just an idea! It’s a way to improve patient experiences, ROI, and SEO. How can you improve your healthcare company’s omnichannel strategy?

1. Focus Omnichannel on Consistency

Omnichannel means connecting with audiences in more places. You aren’t limited to speaking to  patients only at doctor’s appointments. You can speak to them through portals, social media, television and radio, and so much more!

Unfortunately, too many organizations take on too much, too quickly, and fall flat. But omnichannel doesn’t mean every channel! The key to omnichannel is creating a consistent experience — on the phone, on the web, and in person. To that end, you should begin your  omnichannel strategy by designing journey maps or user flows. Once you understand these different experiences, you can work to make them consistent.

2. Align Your Strategy with Your Audience

Your patients probably don’t  think about your healthcare organization  until they need help. So, if you create a strategy that assumes they think about you on a regular basis, it’s unlikely to succeed. That’s why you must always  align your strategy with your audience’s needs.

Once you’ve got your journey map or user flows, you can look for touch points, or moments when patients organically come in contact with your organization For example, some of your patients may do local 5ks. If you sponsor those, patients will see your information and may engage with you there.

3. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

In addition to benefiting your audience, an omnichannel experience can actually save your organization time and money. Your content may begin as a conversation, but be reused as a blog post, a series of tweets, or a commercial. Instead of looking for opportunities to create more content, review the content you have, and reuse it whenever possible. This will improve your SEO, by focusing your conversation points, and it can also ensure consistency.

Improve Your Omnichannel Strategy

A great omnichannel healthcare strategy keeps the patient at its core. Where some organizations might create separate strategies for their website, blog, and social media, you need only one: your patient-centric strategy. That omnichannel strategy will weave together all of your channels and tactics.

With a little extra effort from the start, you can save time, money, and resources. An omnichannel strategy creates a better experience for everyone.

Contributed by
Marli Mesibov
Job Title
VP, Content Strategy