Can Patients Understand You? An Exploration of Health Literacy

Health Literacy

Can Patients Understand You?

Find out by reading Mad*Pow's VP of Content Strategy Marli Mesibov's paper on basic health literacy.

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Does Anyone Speak Healthcare?

We live in an era when healthcare is getting more complex, not less. Health literacy is low, due to a combination of the complexity of the system, the complexity of the human body, and the state many people are in when they come to us. Patients and their families or friends are stressed, scared, and struggling to focus at the times they most need to use our websites, read our articles, or interact with our devices. This can lead to anything from higher costs to misused prescriptions. It’s up to us to as health and design professionals to bridge the gap. Our work can educate, guide, even build connections for patients and their families to work with their healthcare providers and payers. Let’s look at examples of how it can be done well, and what you can implement to make a difference..

Talk with Marli Mesibov, VP of Content Strategy about how you can make sure your patients understand you! 


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