MPACT: Agile Behavior Based Personas



Age, income, and marital status may be helpful for marketers, but demographic-based personas don’t offer the actionable insights you need to design awesome experiences.

Behavior-based personas created with MPACT help you make product decisions based on the personality traits that your audience exhibit.

MPACT brings teams of stakeholders together to create personas. As they work through each step of the MPACT process, creating a set of 3-6 personas, their discussion and collaboration helps them gain alignment on business goals and desired outcomes.

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Teams leave an MPACT session with:

  • A set of three to six behavior-based personas that solve for mutually agreed-upon goals
  • Actionable design tips based on relevant behavior attributes
  • A deep sense of investment and ownership for the personas, and the ability to speak on their behalf and champion them within their organization.

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    The MPACT kits have rich content based on hundreds of hours of research with people who inhabit the health and finance ecosystems, as well as peer-reviewed research studies in psychology and behavioral economics. 

    How might you use the Health and/or finance MPACT kits and workshops to get cross-functional teams aligned on people-centered design directions? Fill out the form below and we will help you to set up time to chat with our resident MPACT experts.


    MPACT LIte Kit

    MPACT LITE is a print-it-yourself Creative Commons version of MPACT. This less robust version contains everything you need to learn the MPACT framework and run a session in any industry. Click on the button below to get a copy of MPACT Lite in your email inbox.

    Get the free MPACT Lite Kit

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    Webinar: From ideation to implementation: Developing your own design methodology

    7/24; 12-12:30pm
    Learn about design tools and methodologies adapted for particular purposes or new tools created for unique needs. Dana Ortegón and Priyama Barua will be sharing their experiences over the two years spent creating MPACT and inspiring you to get creative with the design methods you use!