Call Centers, Internet/Intranet, and Analytics Tools

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Supporting productivity through technology enablement and operational support is crucial to help your organization transform the Call Center Representative experience.

While you may not immediately recognize it, employees are facilitators and key users of call center applications, the internet, and analytics tools. Most of these products and services are designed with the customer in mind, but all these tools and interfaces need to be designed with the employee in mind in order to provide a positive customer experience.

These tools and resources need to be designed to integrate into the employee and customer workflows; all the touches need to be optimized to reduce employee frustration and improve productivity. They should work seamlessly and fluidly with the ability to communicate, collaborate, and glean insights. This fundamental consideration during the development process is essential to ensuring employees have the most up-to-date information/version and that knowledge is being captured and maintained.

The resulting product or service not only has to look great but perform great as well. It needs to deliver engagement; build trust, be clear and understandable; extend brands and their personalities, and be helpful and empowering. By investing in these thoughtful design digital solutions, you end up with a tool that a wide range of audiences can engage with, including those with disabilities. It also must work in various contexts, respond efficiently, and seamlessly fit into people’s lives. Innovative, comprehensive experiences can develop brand loyalty and provide a point of differentiation in a crowded marketplace.

Mad*Pow has worked closely with multiple organizations to redesign their call center application. The new designs give call center employees the correct information at the right time, resulting in a more enjoyable experience for both the customer and call center employees.

Our approach to developing solutions leverages a cross-functional team of researchers and designers, content strategists, and developers. We embrace an agile process for delivery and incorporate the best of design thinking and lean experimentation.

By embracing lean, flexible, and agile processes, we’ve fine-tuned our approach to building solutions that go above and beyond just conversion and engagement to inspiration, delight, building relationships, confidence, and trust.

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