Experience Strategy
& Service Design

Enabling powerful customer experiences by connecting business
goals with design strategy.

When your customers engage with products and services, they have an experience that can make or break your organization. Mad*Pow's Experience Strategy and Service Design team helps you design and deliver these experiences with intention, to ensure they are meaningful and valuable.

Improving the customer experience may also mean realigning your organization—including communicating new ideas and planning for the components of new or redesigned service delivery. We’ll work with you to connect your business model with the customer experience to produce positive business and customer outcomes.

A Strong Vision Focuses Innovation

Visualizing ideal experiences and generating consensus is an important first step. We’ll bring your teams together to align thinking with a variety of tools that help illustrate positive, customer-centric change.

Mapping Back-end to Front-end

To create meaningful experiences, we need to understand the interplay of all components in a system. It's critical to map back-end actions and understand your technology, policy, and services. This understanding enables your organization to bring great experiences to life.

"At Mad*Pow, we like to embed strategists within customers' daily routines. We might get certification to be in an operating room so we can stand next to surgeons as they go through a procedure. It's intense, it's fun, and it often provides a window into the realities of a business model or service."

Sample Experience Strategy & Service Design Activities

Journey Mapping & Service Blueprints

Outline the emotional, operational, and technical relationships to identify your end-user's pain points and opportunities.

Behavioral Archetypes & Personas

Understand the behavioral motivations and barriers your customers experience.

Co-design Workshops

Engage end-users as co-creators. They help design products and services best suited to serve their needs, while also delivering business value.

Futures Thinking & Strategic Foresight

Futures thinking is not an effort to predict the future, but rather a means to illuminate unexpected implications of present-day issues that empower individuals and organizations to actively design desireable futures. 

Roadmaps & Playbooks

Outline strategic plans with actionable implementation tactics.

Experience Vision Storyboards

Envision the ideal future state experience in visual narrative form. This can build alignment and inform execution for both digital and especially non-digital service journeys.